Smokin’ hot VW campervans and the Oswestry Bus-Types show

What a glorious weekend the Bus-Types show turned out to be. The sun shone almost continuously on Oswestry Showground – only slightly dimmed by the smoke of a million barbecues! And there was a fantastic array of VW campervans to admire and inspire.

Our 100-mile journey to the show was, erm, eventful. The Chief Engineer had rebuilt Seymour’s engine (see our Flickr stream for images of the oily bits) and we probably should have done a short test run before setting out. But we didn’t. And we nearly paid for it.

Let’s just say there was a fuel spill situation that was smokin’, but not in a good way. And then the dizzy cap split – thank heavens for gaffer tape!

But we finally got there and we had a fabulous time – kicking back, beer out, bbq on, watching Chinese lanterns float across the night sky. Mooching around the stalls, enjoying the disco, laughing at riders falling off the bucking bronco. Loving the atmosphere, making friends and even having our very first ‘tweet-up’ with @wubsdubs!

The show also gave us the chance to finally use the canvas awning we bought some years ago. We think it’s an original 1970s VW campervan awning, but I’m not sure the green and brown go with Seymour’s purple exterior – although the brown does match the rust! And I love the fringe.

I also love what some camper owners have done with their interiors – from the snazzy Beano and Dandy comic pages to the denim pockets, the mud hut look and the sophisticated white leather. And it’s all about the detail in the simple-but-evocative Beach sign.

It was all over far too soon, and we’re not sure when we’ll next hit the road: I am moving jobs, which will eventually mean a house move and all the palaver that goes with that.

But there are shows to go to, parts to buy and bits to weld, so there are plenty more tales of Seymour to come. So stick around – and tell us about your VW campervan fun!


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