Camping wishlist for summer 2013

It may be cold outside, but the great thing about February is that we’ve the whole year of VW shows, festivals, meets and just plain old camping to look forward to.

Dutch oven, tripod and chainIt’s also a time when you start to think about new kit, and I’ve my eye on a Dutch oven (£82) and tripod (£37), like this one from Baker + Bell.





Enamel picnicwardI’ve always like enamelwear and have taken a fancy to their picnic set too (£49).





Sleeping bag, blue ticking stripeThen there’s the blue striped cotton sleeping bag (£90) that can be unzipped and used as a quilt.





Canvas bell tent 4 metre diameter with zip-in groundsheetAnd despite being a devoted campervanner, I still love this canvas bell tent (£299).





So what piece of camping kit are you on the look out for this year?


2 comments on “Camping wishlist for summer 2013

  1. Mrs M (@madamding)
    February 10, 2013

    What we really need to buy this year is a new driveaway awning – its an expensive purchase and I need to research it carefully so we don’t make any mistakes! I’d like some new picnicware too.

    • Gill Hook
      February 21, 2013

      And some of them are sooo expensive too! We have an old canvas awning (in pea green and brown) that we think is an original 70s one – looks lovely against Seymour’s purple paintwork!

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