Portable speakers on test

Small but perfectly formed portable speakers

Small but perfectly formed portable speakers

We loved these portable speakers from Music Angel – not only do they look good and come in nine metallic colours but they sound good enough to get Mr Camperfun’s approval, and he’s very particular about how his music sounds.

Called Music Angel Friendz, these compact stereo loudspeakers have 3W+3W output, which doesn’t sound much but produces a surprisingly respectable sound – not at all tinny and with enough oomph to annoy the neighbours if you’re not careful!

We were kindly sent the purple and lime to match Seymour’s paint job (they’ve not come up with a rust colour yet…). The aluminium units have a black speaker at each end, a 35mm headphone socket, a USB charging socket and the on/off button on one side.

They can be stacked on each other and on your music devices

They can be stacked on each other and on your music devices

Underneath is a clear soft ‘foot’ meaning you can place it on your phone or tablet – or stack them on each other – without causing damage, and also under here is an LED light that shows the unit is on, charging or both.

Each comes in a neat plastic box with two cables – one allowing you to ‘daisy chain’ more than one speaker together if you desire a higher volume – plus a soft bag to store everything in.

The makers claim the built-in rechargeable battery gives more than 120 hours of playback from a three-hour charge, which you do via your computer or any standard USB charger.

What you get

What you get

The RRP is £29.99 each from Carphone Warehouse, mobilefun.co.uk, tesco.com and Amazon among others.

2 comments on “Portable speakers on test

  1. The Piper
    June 5, 2016

    Great post! May I suggest another alternative? Granted, they cost a bit more, but the Bose Soundlink Color is a little gem! Portable but sturdy, amazing sound quality and clarity and nice batter life. Before getting them, I tested them in store against their big brother, Bose’s Soundlink Mini (that cost quite a bit more) and thought the Color actually sounded better than the Mini!

    • Gill Hook
      June 16, 2016

      Mmmm, they do look funky…

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