Bunting to light up your camp

Light-up buntingI love a bit of bunting – I’ve even been known to make my own! So when we were offered some Light Up Bunting to try, how could we say no?

We took it with us on a weekend trip to Castlerigg Hall campsite near Keswick, planning to hang it outside Woody to enjoy as we sat outside barbecuing under the stars…

What were we thinking?! It was the beginning of November and the start of all the wild storms we’ve had this winter!

So, as the wind shook the motorhome and the rain produced an alarming mini-lake under our wheels, we hung it up inside instead, and as you can see it works well for a little indoor décor.

There are eight multi-coloured pennants, each encasing an LED light and hanging on a 3m wire with a battery box at one end. You need three AA batteries (not included) and there’s a simple on/off button.

You can buy it from prezzybox.com for £12 (although, checking yesterday, it’s reduced to £8.70).

We’re looking forward to using hanging it on the outside of Woody when the weather stops being Biblical…


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This entry was posted on January 7, 2016 by in campervan.
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